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Health Information

Carpet acts as a filter for the home; a reservoir for dirt, dust
mites, mold spores, pollen, pesticides, and other materials that
originate from indoors and outdoors. Over time, carpet can trap a
significant amount of soil, which can be removed through regular and
proper vacuuming. Otherwise, large amounts of soil can build up in the
carpet and be released into the air from activity throughout the day.
Young children may also play on the carpet and come into contact with


Proper maintenance and cleaning schedules are critical to help extend
the life of the carpet, maintain it's appearance, and help keep good
indoor air quality. This means regular vacuuming and periodic wet
extraction or steam cleaning. The more often carpet is used the more
often it should be professionally cleaned. The IICRC has guidelines on
how often carpet should be cleaned. Once a year or longer for
infrequently used carpet and more often for people with respiratory
concerns or allergies or homes with pets.



+Heavy soil, special spots/stains or conditions, unforeseen circumstances, and extra square/linear footage may cost more upon approval from customer. Free written estimates are provided prior to beginning any work. Call today for a free estimate!