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As with any industry, there is more to cleaning than perhaps one
would imagine. There are many companies and cleaners out there
conducting business with a limited amount of knowledge that is to the
detriment of their customers. Using the right people to clean your
home will make a big difference. It will mean removing those difficult
stains and having longer lasting results of your carpet, upholstery,
and tile cleaning. Below are just a few interesting facts from leading
instructors in the industry:

- Using the proper products will leave the carpet and upholstery in a
neutral state (ph) keeping it from attracting soil after the cleaning.

- Informing the customer to use neutral products to maintain their
tile and stone floors will keep the sealant from being stripped and
leaving the floor exposed to staining.

-60% of all residential carpet is made of nylon. If a cleaner with too
high of a ph is used it can strip the nylon's built-in acid stain
resistors leaving it exposed to staining.

-80% of the soil in your carpet can be cleaned out through simple
vacuuming and 60% of the soil in the carpet consists of dead skin



+Heavy soil, special spots/stains or conditions, unforeseen circumstances, and extra square/linear footage may cost more upon approval from customer. Free written estimates are provided prior to beginning any work. Call today for a free estimate!